IMAXIO is an integrated biotech company focused on immunology. It owns a pipeline of vaccines composed marketed, clinical-stage and preclinical-stage products:

Marketed pharmaceuticals: a vaccine against human leptospirosis marketed in France.

R&D pipeline based on the IMX313 technology platform: two clinical-stage projects and several preclinical-stage candidates, based on an antigen re-engineering platform to improve their immunogenicity, to develop more effective vaccines & immunotherapies.

IMAXIO's main objective is to develop its R&D projects up to phase I / phase II clinical trials, to be out-licensed to biopharmaceutical companies able to push forward the related vaccines & immunotherapies development up to phase III and commercialization. IMAXIO remains opened to new collaborations, with partners having know-how on antigens poorly immunogenic in therapeutic indication not already targeted by IMAXIO.

IMAXIO was created in 2000 as a spin-off of the Medical Research Council and the University of Cambridge (United-Kingdom).