IMAXIO is an integrated biotech company focused on vaccines, and based on the combination of commercial and R&D activities:

PHARMACEUTICAL PRODUCTS: a vaccine against human leptospirosis and an orphan drug indicated in Wilson disease, both of them marketed in France.

IMX313 TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM: an immunoenhancing antigen re-engineering platform for vaccines and immunotherapies development.

IMAXIO was developed from Avidis, a spin-off from the Medical Research Council and the University of Cambridge (UK) created in 2000. Today member of the cluster Lyonbiopôle, IMAXIO owns solid intellectual property and collaborates with numerous academic and industrial partners, including the Jenner Institute at Oxford University (UK).

In 2013, IMAXIO had a turnover of € 2.9 Million. It wants to strengthen it over the next 2 years with the acquisition of some pharmaceutical products marketed in France or in Europe. Finally, in order to pursue the development of its proprietary technology IMX313, IMAXIO is open to new collaborations, and is looking in particular for partners who have know-how around antigens with a lack of immunogenicity.